How We’re Different

Our Team

A team built with personalities we respect for their product focus and client understanding. Years of product involvement, logistical expertise, attention to detail and network of contacts provide a unique depth ensuring outstanding results 365 days a year. A targeted and ongoing training program continues development and encouraging retention and growth of all members. You will be impressed with the value our team adds to yours and your clients businesses.


Is the major influence in maximising produce life, taste and well being post harvest. Our range of rooms and multiple temperature configurations will hold your product at its ideal climate with 24 hour monitoring and verification
Temperature parameters 0-24⁰C
Typical temperature zones

  • Cool 0-6⁰C
  • Conditioning 8-17⁰C

Humidity Control

Humidity affects each product differently and is often dependent on the climate in which they are grown. By simulating the ideal environment we maximise life, minimise fruit wither and weight loss while enhancing a products natural lustre and bloom. Our rooms allow low humidity (dry) through to high humidity climate control.

Facility Hygiene

Airborne bacteria can spoil produce within hours acting as a silent killer to develop rots and moulds. A vigilant cleaning and laboratory program of sterilisation ensures fruit quality and appeal is not compromised. We have been commended by many contractors and service staff as having the cleanest, most hygienic facility they have ever worked on.

Multiple individual Zones

19 individual rooms and climate zones allow sensitive product to be uniquely managed through its storage and conditioning phase. There is no compromise due to your produce by sharing an environment ie. ethylene transfer triggering ripening.

Dry storage

Dedicated storage in our immaculate environment where temperature is less relevant but cleanliness and order is highly regarded. Closed room as well as larger segregated areas are available


Personalised Programs and Solutions

Your requirements and desired outcomes form the basis of our procedures and reporting. To maximise your customers eating and value experience we will share our care and conditioning IP (Intellectual Property) while continually studying world best practice and science to ensure your produce is the best.

Professional Business Centre Facilities

Our onsite professional offices and meeting rooms are yours to use ensuring you can best conduct your business as required alongside your product. Permanent offices and or temporary use rooms including receptionist and support staff can be included or negotiated as required.